Little Warriors Initiative

Below is some information about little warriors and the great work we do. Be sure to watch out for us at many different retail locations promoting this campaign which we are doing to help raise funds and awarness for Little Warriors

Thank you for your support in our initiative to support Little Warriors and the work they do nationally to help
children who suffer sexual abuse. Virtual Marketing Solutions is dedicated in the creation of this coupon saver
initiative to support the great work that they do.
Little warriors is dedicated and the first ever trauma-informed , evidence based treatment centre for children
who have been sexually abused. They do great work nationally, saving children from a lifetime of trauma.
Little Warriors is a national, charitable organization based in Alberta. We are focused on the awareness, prevention
and treatment of child sexual abuse. We also advocate on behalf of and with child sexual abuse survivors.
Little Warriors is committed to:
Raise awareness and provide information about child sexual abuse.
Provide a treatment facility to help children cope with the devastating effects of child sexual abuse.
Provide child sexual abuse prevention strategies to adults through education.
To ensure the rights, needs and interests of children are respected and protected.
We hope that you enjoy your coupon pack with 2 for 1’s and freebies for your family to enjoy.

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